How I Lost my Shoe on the People Mover at Disney World

A Note from the Author: I have been toying around with the idea of starting a blog for some time now. Please be kind as this is the first time I have ever blogged about something and the my nerves are at a all-time high. My hopes are that this story is documented in all its’ glory. (So I can laugh at this incident for years to come) Enjoy.

Ask my friends what is it about me that they remember the most and I think they would say that I am a woman of many stories. Mostly, stories of stupid and unfortunate things that tend to happen to me. I’ve come to the point in my life that I tend to expect the unusual happenings in my life. I use a coined term most millennials would describe as #DrivingTheStruggleBus.

Before we start our story, let’s reminisce on another incident of the time I unintentionally photobombed a castle picture. It was a December night, my friends and I were celebrating my friend David‘s birthday at Magic Kingdom. The girls stopped to take a picture in front of the castle – because we’re girls and one can never have enough castle pictures. It was also a crowded Saturday, right after the fireworks as guests bask in the glow of the castle during Christmas time.

We had fastpasses for Big Thunder Mountain following the picture moment. Since there were so many guests, I took the lead and hightailed the group through the crowd, weaving in and out of the tourists. In the confusion of the crowd I hear my friends call my name. Startled, I turn toward them when a huge white flash comes my way instead. And then it happened, I did it, I walked right into someone’s picture. That day I became an unintentional photobomber. See below.

To be fair, no one has ever gotten hurt (yet) by me. But everyone, including myself, couldn’t feel our stomachs after laughing for 10 minutes. This incident was a first time for me. After a few laughs from our group of friends and group of people I photobombed, we asked if they could send us this picture. It was indeed priceless.

I digress to the story you came here for: How I lost my shoe on the people mover. A quick backstory about this ride… Formerly known as Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover, originally opened in 1975.

….The Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover is a slow-moving 10-minute ride in a vehicle that is propelled by a system of Linear Synchronous Motors embedded in the track. Themed as an urban mass transit system of the future, the ride takes passengers on a tour around the second floor of many attractions in Tomorrowland. People Mover is a great way to take a tour of Tomorrowland and all its attractions. – Jimmie Jones from Disney Fanatic

It was a rainy weekend in Disney, we had finished our Buzz Lightyear fastpasses and it was too early for our next Space Mountain fastpass. So, to avoid the rain it was my idea to go on PeopleMover, to kill time and stay out of the rain. After the first ride around we decided to ride again since there was some time left. I typically sit facing forward on this ride as I tend to become nauseous otherwise. This second time I wanted to sit backwards and as I sat I remember thinking that it’s probably best to remove my Once Upon a Pixie Co. Minnie mouse ears. (In case you were wondering I was wearing the Rapunzel Ears); Because if the ride took a sharp turn they would fly off my head.

Well sure enough the first turn right above Stitch’s Great Escape (UPDATE) my whole body flies to the left side of the seat and as I lose my balance my feet fly off the ground, and my flip flop grazes the side of the car (and since it’s all wet and slippery) it flies off my foot, flies over my head, and lands outside of the ride. For a split second my friend and I stared at each other in disbelief and then I couldn’t stop laughing. I was laughing so hard I started to cry. Okay maybe it was a mix of I-do-not-want-to-walk-barefoot-all-day, being upset, and laughter. We laughed the whole ride, we talked over what’s going to happen, and what to do next. Do we cut our loses and have me walk barefoot? or say something to a Cast Member? Sadly, this isn’t the first time I lost something and typically I hate being difficult. If things go wrong I let it ride off my back and deal with it. But I swallowed my pride and decided we were going to (at the least) report that I lost my shoe to a Cast Member, CM.

As the ride was ending I remembered there was a CM at the top of the ride who was earning his ears, a term Disney uses for training. Figured this was going to make his day we aimed to find him, only to find out he was walking down for his break with his trainer. Taking it as a loss, the second CM at the top level instructed us to file the Lost Item report with the CM downstairs.

This poor CM downstairs who was in charge at directing the traffic through the turnstile onto the ride was standing borderline in the rain. Disney you need to fix your overhead. I explained to her the story, I think she might have seen the little tears in my eyes from too much crying/laughing. It made me feel better when she mentioned that it was not the craziest thing she’s ever heard. Mickey Mouse took care of the walking barefoot issue and bought me a pair of new shoes. In addition, this sweet CM gave us a fastpass to anything we wanted, and I couldn’t pass up going on Snow White’s Mine train because it always feels impossible snagging one of those FPs.

Turns out, in the event you lose something at Disney, you can file a Lost Item report, and call lost and found at least 24 hours after the incident; If they find your item, they can send it to you or you can come pick it up!

Following this, we decided we were going to ride Space Mountain before our FP expires. I told myself if anyone asks why I am barefoot I will tell them what happened, in hopes they would laugh. Sure enough when we were in line a little girl asked me, and we told the whole family the story. Got a few laughs out of them and gave the little girl a valuable lesson: always wear a seatbelt when you can and do not move out of your seat.

After Space Mountain we of course had to find new shoes somewhere, the only place I could think that would have shoes would be the Emporium. Rainy days at Disney make the Emporium crazy full of guests shopping, talking, hanging out, and walking through to the other side of Main Street to the avoid the rain. As you can imagine it was a stampede of people. So, asking for help was probably the best choice. The two CMs who did help out of course had to hear how this happened. Once again, we told this story, and the more I tell it the more I realize how unbelievable it may seem. One CM had mentioned she has worked at Disney for 30 years, and she has never heard of a more ridiculous thing. She mentioned how the ride moves 3 mph, and that she (in a EVC) would probably walk faster than the ride.

Well since that day, for 3 days, I called Lost and Found. I guess they might be used to crazy weird stories so they never bothered to ask how it happened. But finally, one faithful Friday (right before Hurricane Irma) they found it, and they were sending it back to me. Now the Hurricane ended up coming, and I had evacuated my home, and the only thing I could think of is if the shoe arrived that Irma would fly it away.

Two weeks later, I checked my mail and there it was…my shoe. It returned to me. Link to Video Here

Let me also put into perspective that this wasn’t an expensive shoe, this was one of those shower flip flops you would buy at Walmart, but they were Lilly Pulitzer. All this trouble over a shoe. I will admit I felt a little like Cinderella and Rapunzel that day. Losing a shoe, walking barefoot through the hub grass.

But the best part was that I had recorded myself telling this story to my followers on Instragram. At the time it was a little crazy and I couldn’t wrap my mind around what was happening, or what happened. However, in the middle of the crazy I had two followers who were in the Kingdom that day, that rode the PeopleMover just to see my shoe, and they sent me a picture. It was the cherry on top to what was a silly moment in life.

I hope you enjoyed my misery and that you took something away. Like if you lose something it’s never truly gone.

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