Complete Guide to Disney World Instafamous Walls (and Where to Find Them)

You’ve seen them, you’ve heard of them – the walls of Disney. These walls have been instagram’ed time and time again, coining them “famous”. Top instagramers pose side by side for the perfect instafeed aesthetics. In fact, at certain times of the day they have the most perfect lighting that even an amateur photographer can make a shot look like a million bucks.

So if you’re traveling to Walt Disney World and want to make it your mission to see every single wall (floor and door) we have them all right here. Most of these have Instagram handles related so you can sneak-a-peek for posing inspiration.

Quick Guide
Animal Kingdom
Hollywood Studios
Magic Kingdom
Resorts and More

Animal Kingdom

Children of the World Wall

Location: Animal Kingdom, Africa – Harambe Marketplace
Instagram: @childrenoftheworldwall
Photo Credit: @princessjacq
A wall of a few words with plenty of meaning. If you’re feeling worldly and philosophical this wall is meant for you. Regardless of what continent you’re born on, what language you speak, or where you happen to fall on the economic spectrum, we are all children of the world.

“Fichwa Fellow!” Hidden Mickey Wall
Location: Animal Kingdom, Africa – Harambe Marketplace
Photo Credit: @magicwithmallory
If you’ve been following along the Disney fandom you’ll know that there are hidden Mickeys all over Walt Disney World. In Swahili “Fichwa” means Hidden, this wall is a not-so-hidden, hidden Mickey. Don’t be too quick to overlook the details where this wall is located in Harambe Marketplace, there are details to be explored. Take a moment to enjoy the scenery and the foods found at the marketplace.

Mossy Wall
Location: Animal Kingdom, Pandora
Instagram: @themossywall
Photo Credit: @davidjfhunt
The newest addition to the wall family. With the opening of Pandora the World of Avatar, the mossy wall started creating a huge buzz among the Disney community weeks before official opening. There is plenty of moss to be found around Pandora, you can snag the perfect picture from any location. Our favorite is the “toxic” wall located upfront by Pongu Pongu (location of the instagram’d Nightblossom Drink), it features more colors of blues and purples, than the other sections of the Moss Wall. During morning hours and some afternoons you can find Disney Photopass photographers at that particular section.

Location: Animal Kingdom, Pandora
Photo Credit: @jimperiod
Not a wall, but if done right the Pandora Floors give amazing picture opportunities. Pandora at night is beautiful with the bio-luminescent lights. The bio-luminescent floor is throughout Pandora, just make sure to look down.

You are Most Beautiful Wall
Location: Animal Kingdom, Africa – Harambe Marketplace
Instagram: @youaremostbeautifulwall
Photo Credit: @oopsadaisy_ears
What is better than a wall that compliments you? Probably nothing.
You can find this beautiful wall in the Harambe Marketplace. It is located in an indent in the wall of the food shacks in the on your left.
Please note: this is actually the walkway into the cast member’s backstage area, so please be mindful when taking photos at this location as there are cast members who are working or on break.


Blue Wall
Location: Epcot, Future World West – Imagination!
Photo Credit: @stacytally
Considered a hidden gem, this wall is found next to the bathrooms located next to Journey into Imagination with Figment. You’ll have to go around the Figment building to find the bathrooms. The blue wall is located right next to another (undocumented) Red wall. To capture the perfect picture at this location it is best to visit around afternoon – mid afternoon before the sun shines directly towards the wall.

Blueberry Wall

Location: Epcot, Future World Main – Project Tomorrow
Instagram: @blueberrywallphotos
Photo Credit: @lexaboutdisney
Located directly in front of the Bubblegum Wall. To find the perfect lighting at this location make sure to stop by both sides of the exits. During certain times the lighting on one side is better than the other.

Bubblegum Wall
Location: Epcot, Future World Main – Project Tomorrow
Instagram: @bubblegumwallphotos
Photo Credit: @april__thomas
This wall gets it name due to it’s uncanny resemblance to pink and blue bubblegum. You can find this wall on either side of the exits for Spaceship Earth (Project Tomorrow) located in the front of the park. Hop on board Spaceship Earth through the iconic geosphere for a look at the landmark moments that made today’s communications technology possible. Don’t forget to thank the Phoenicians!
Maybe I am biased to this wall because this is also one of my favorite rides at Epcot. Why you ask? It’s a 16 minute AC ride. I have also lost a shoe at this wall, but that is another story, for another time. To find the perfect lighting at this location make sure to stop by both sides of the exits, during certain times the lighting on one side is better than the other.

Galaxy Wall

Location: Epcot, Future World West – Universe of Energy Location
Instagram: @guardiansoftheepcot
Photo Credit: @brookeannne
Currently located where Universe of Energy was before the new Guardian’s of the Galaxy Ride opens.

Moroccan Fountain Wall
Location: Epcot, World Showcase – Morocco Pavilion
Photo Credit: @annes.travels
Sometimes as frequent visitors of the park it’s easy to overlook the beauty of the showcase pavilions. One of the most photographed locations is located in Morocco at the Moroccan Mosaic walls and fountains. Inside Morocco it’s not hard to miss these, there is a wall fountain located inside to the left which is the perfect instagram worthy photo shot. Check out the other mosaic walls located through the Moroccan pavilion.

Mosaic Wall
Location: Epcot, Future World West – The Land
Instagram: @mosaicwallpics
Photo Credit: @montanahatfield
Found at the entrance into the Land pavilion. This wall is mostly overlooked as guests pour into The Land to get first in line for Soarin and/or to cool off in the air conditioning. But take a moment an appreciate this beautiful wall, snap your picture.

 Paint by Number Mural Wall
Location: Epcot, World Showcase During 2017 Festival of Arts & 2018 Festival of Arts
Photo Credit: @abbycorkins
Located between Port of Entry and Canada, and right next to Decadent Delights, guests can wait in a short line to be given a random number to help create a painting. Each color has a fun name like Pluto Paw, Pretty as a Princess, Minnie’s Glove, Silly Old Bear and Pixie Hollow Sky. Each guest goes to color in 5 corresponding pieces, by the end of the day the full picture can be seen. Guests were give a postcard with the final mural which they could take home.

We really hope that this experience will come back for years to come. It made for fun and exciting photo opportunities.

Toothpaste Wall
Location: Epcot, Futureworld West – The Seas with Nemo and Friends
Instagram: @thetoothpastewall
Photo Credit: @kelleyinwonderland
Hop off the The Seas with Nemo and Friends, exit through the giftshop and to your right you’ll find the Toothpaste Wall.

Hollywood Studios

Location: Hollywood Studios – Muppets Courtyard
Photo Credit: @abbycorkins
While this may not be a wall per say, it is still an extraordinary photo opportunity. Found in the Muppets Courtyard next to Pizza Rizzo. If you cannot find it make sure that you are looking down! Worse lighting for this photo is during the morning to noon time when the sun is directly over the floor; for best lighting try late afternoon to early evening. While you’re at this location take a look around at other Muppets inspired photo opportunities which did not make this list. Next to the bullseye floor you can find a blue door great for photo opportunities. Don’t forget that floors make the perfect setting for a #shoefie!

Popsicle Stick Bench

Location: Disney’s Hollywood Studios – Toy Story Land
Instagram: @popsiclestickbench
Photo Credit: @prettylittlemonograms

Popsicle Stick Wall

Location: Disney’s Hollywood Studios – Toy Story Land
Instgram: @thepopsicklestickwall
Photo Credit: @Annieinadventureland

Tatooine Traders Wall
Location: Hollywood Studios, Echo Lake – Tatooine Traders
Photo Credit: @thedisneydorm
Perfect wall for all the Star Wars fan, of course we’re expecting a new wall to pop up with the expansion of Star War’s land but til then this is the “Star Wars Wall”

 Toy Story Construction Wall
Location: Disney’s Hollywood Studios – Pixar Place
Instagram: @toystorywalls
Photo Credit: @thekingdomtwins_
This wall is expected to retire Spring of 2018 with the opening of Toy Story land. Until then enjoy the pals from Andy’s toybox helping with construction. These bright blue construction walls have become a instagram favorite to pose with.
This wall is now retired since Toy Story Land has opened in Summer of 2018.

Toy Story Land Luxo Ball

Location: Disney’s Hollywood Studios – Toy Story Land
Instagram: @toystorylandluxoball
Photo Credit: @debbyfgorfon

Toy Story Walls
Location: Disney’s Hollywood Studios – Pixar Place
Instagram: @toystorywalls
Photo Credit: @ourdisneyeverafter
There are several different walls to fall under this category. You can find them located all around Pixar Place. Check out the instagram for all the walls.

“You got the Dough? We got the Cheese” Wall
Location: Disney’s Hollywood Studios – Muppets Courtyard
Instagram: @toystorywalls
Photo Credit: @meekymouseclub
Considered the cheesy-est wall in all of disney, it speaks for itself. Found right by Pizza Rizzo.

Magic Kingdom

Big Top Wall
Location: Magic Kingdom, Fantasyland – Storybook Circus
Instagram: @bigtopwall
Photo Credit: @shelbys_fantasyland
You can find this wall in Storybook Circus of Fantasyland, in the back by the character meet and greet. This wall has many sides like the one pictured below as well as a full red side perfect for those solid background. You can find perfect lighting majority of the day since there are many different sides to pick from. You may have to go around the corners and behind the chairs to find that perfect lighting angle. Note there are some chairs surrounding the area where families eat, please be cautious to those guests who are looking for a quiet seating area.

IMG-6698 (3)
Candy Strip Wall
Location: Magic Kingdom, Main Street USA – Carousel of Progress
Instagram: @CandyStripeWall
Photo Credit: @myadventurebook__

Carousel of Progress
Location: Magic Kingdom, Tomorrowland – Carousel of Progress
Instagram: @mksarouselwall
Photo Credit: @miramargaret
Unfortunately you’ll have to get creative with photos taken at this location. This wall almost did not make our list since you cannot come stand next to it. Please do not climb over the rails for the picture, they are there for your safety.

Cast Member’s 
Location: Magic Kingdom, Main Street U.S.A.
Instagram: @mk.castingagency
Photo Credit: @benncrane
Again, another non-wall. This door got so popular that there is an instagram handle just for it. Did you know that there is a version of this door on every version of Main Street U.S.A. around the world?

“…The door was installed in 2005, along the exterior to Disney Clothiers. The Magic Kingdom Casting Agency door simultaneously pays homage to all that Walt Disney could imagine, by listing him as the Founder and Director Emeritus, but also to the amazing army of Cast Members that stand on the frontlines of magic every single day by quoting Walt Disney. The quote from W.E.D.? “It takes People to Make the Dream a Reality.” Unlike the lofty windows of Main Street U.S.A., remember to always look up, this door is on the street level and accessible to everyone. Add in a pair of decorative Mickeys and the opening date for the office, as well as the Magic Kingdom, listed as Open Since ’71, and you have the makings of a wonderfully charismatic scene. A place that encourages guests to recall the Cast Members that make each day memorable….” – Main Street Gazette.

You can find this door on the left hand side of Main Street U.S.A. as you’re walking towards the Castle. If you’re Emporium savvy, it’ll be in a small alley way after the “seasonal items” door into the Emporium. Please note that this door is fake and does not open, please do not try to open it!

IMG-6701 (1)
Castle Walls
Location: Magic Kingdom, Castle Courtyard & Fantasyland
Photo Credit: @thekingdomtwins_
The magical castle walls, it makes for some of the most whimsical backgrounds in photos. With the expansion of Magic Kingdom’s Hub area and addition of New Fantasyland we see more castle walls now than ever before. If you take a moment to look around you’ll see the beautiful details and the photo opportunities with these walls. Did you know that the castle walls in new Fantasyland are actually designed to take you from the town feel to the village. Next time you’re in this area notice how one side of the dividing castle walls behind the castle are made to separate the two sections of Fantasyland.

Dumbo Wall
Location: Magic Kingdom, Fantasyland – Storybook Circus
Photo Credit: @theallieecat
Whats better than some old time circus signs to see Dumbo the Flying Elephant? If you’re a Dumbo fan this is a perfect wall for you… or if you’re looking for a brick background.

Haunted Mansion Wall
Location: Magic Kingdom, Fantasyland?
Photo Credit: @thelostbros
Located at the exit from the Haunted Mansion ride. If you’re looking for a spooky and eerie backdrop this might be the perfect wall for you.

Hubgrass (floor)
Location: Magic Kingdom, Castle Courtyard
Instagram: @hubgrass
Photo Credit: @themagicalmiranda
Stop and smell the turf at the end of Main Street. Honestly it is such a lovely area to sit down on the floor and enjoy an afternoon. There aren’t any benches, either…you’re meant to sit right on the astroturf. One of my favorite memories was when my friends and I decided it would be a great idea to pick up Publix Subs (Florida Market) and enjoy the afternoon picnic as the Move it Shake it parade was on going in front of the castle. There are great opportunities for photos on the hubgrass, during certain days and mornings there are photopass cast members out taking pictures by hubgrass. They’ll take pictures of you on the floor if you ask nicely.

IMG-6704 (2)
Lime Green Wall
Location: Magic Kingdom, Tomorrowland
Photo Credit: @Stacytally
Located next to the face-paint station in tomorrowland back by the restrooms near Spacemountain. 

Main Street Wall
Location: Magic Kingdom, Fantasyland
Instagram: @mainstreetwall
Photo Credit: @shelbys_fantasyland
Right by Sorcerers of Magic Kingdom and The Barber shop. This the barber shop is fully functioning, stop inside for a haircut!

Neverland Map Wall
Location: Magic Kingdom, Fantasyland
Instagram: (please note we did not find an actual account but this is the tag location) #NeverlandMap
Photo Credit: @fintasticmermaid
Located by Peter Pan’s Flight and the location where you can meet Peter Pan.

IMG-6707Purple Wall
Location: Magic Kingdom, Tomorrowland
Instagram: @Purplewallphotos
Photo Credit: @mainstreet_mermaid)
Safe to say this is the wall that started the craze. It’s funny because I cannot tell you how many times I have walked by this wall and never noticed it was Purple until photos at walls started trending. Located at the right hand side of Monster’s Inc. Laugh Floor, it’s also a walkway from Main Street. Certain times of the day there are photopass photographers stationed by the Purple Wall. I’ve found the best times for lighting would be closer to sundown. It’s the best shade of purple. During other times of the day this wall can look very much gray, most afternoon times when the sun is directly shining on the wall, and when it’s raining.

Galactic Purple Wall
Location: Magic Kingdom, Tomorrowland
Instagram: @Galacticpurplewall
Photo Credit: @fandomfashionista
2018 facelift for the Purple Wall.

Rapunzel/Tangled Wall
Location: Magic Kingdom, Fantasyland
Instagram: @tangledwall
Photo Credit: @emilalah
At last we’re on the final wall for Magic Kingdom and probably my favorite area in the whole Kingdom. The tangled bathrooms! Yes folks, it’s the bathrooms. But it is the prettiest bathrooms you’ll ever see. There are so many walls to take pictures at here, the one pictured below can be found inside area of the woman’s bathroom

Resorts and More

All Star Wall
Location: Any All Star Resort Entrance
Photo Credit: @casselltees
One of the many walls you can find at this resort. This particular wall is located across the front desk of check-in.

Animation Wall
Location: Disney’s Art of Animation Resort
Photo Credit: @disneyehh
One of the many walls you can find at this resort. This particular wall is located across the front desk of check-in. A great way to start your trip if you’re staying at this resort, family photo right in front.

Boardwalk Sign Wall
Location: Disney’s Boardwalk Resort
Photo Credit: @gracievp
You’ll have to get a little creative with this particular wall since it is located next to a stairwell leading down. Still, we’ve seen some pretty rad (people still say this right) photos come out of this wall. Located at the Boardwalk Resort, to the right of the entrance to the front desk.

Cotton Candy Wall
Location: Disney’s Art of Animation Resort
Instagram: @cottoncandywall
Photo Credit: @rachwoodcock
If you’ve never seen this wall in person then I would like to take the pleasure to tell you that this is actually coral. When we first went to find this wall we were a little stunned to realize it is probably seaweed since it does look a lot like Cotton Candy. Regardless you can find this wall in the Nemo section of Disney’s Art of Animation Resort. As a bonus to your wall trip, stop by the pool-side bar called The Drop Off and enjoy a relaxing tall class of adult dole-whip with rum. Oh yeah, it makes the photo trip totally worth the drive. Maybe grab one for your photographer for a job well done. Move around the whole pool area to find the perfect lighting location for your cotton-candy inspired photoshoot.

Diamond Wall
Location: Disney’s Art of Animation Resort
Photo Credit: @abbycorkins

Disney Spring’s Wall
Location: Disney Springs
Instagram: @disneyspringswall
Photo Credit: @mgrivero
Found right by the fountain by the Lime Garage. Recently tree scrubs have been placed by the wall.

Jellyroll’s Wall
Location: Disney’s Boardwalk Resort
Photo Credit: @sheriffantony
Found right outside of Jellyroll’s on the Boardwalk.

Flower Power Wall
Location: Disney’s Pop Century Resort
Instagram: @popflowerwall
Photo Credit: @popflowerwall

Mint Bubble Wall
Location: Disney’s Pop Century Resort
Photo Credit: @thecarouseloflauren

Neon Mickey Wall
Location: Disney’s Contemporary Resort
Instagram: @neonmickeywall
Photo Credit: @kieradriscoll
Located on the 3rd floor by the gift shop.

“To Stage” Wall
Location: Disney’s Boardwalk Resort
Photo Credit: @stacytally
Found inside the Abracadabar’s ladies restroom.

You are Here Wall
Location: Magic Kingdom Gas Station
Photo Credit: @wallsofdisney
What better way to show off where you are than this wall? When I was a young one this was the last wall we’d see as we drove home from Magic Kingdom. Lots of families stop before their trip home and miss this beauty. Be sure to stop by on your next visit and snag a photo.

How did we do? Did you see your favorite wall? Did we miss a wall? Let us know in the comments below or e-mail us at For all other walls not mentioned follow along at @wallsofdisney!