Food and Wine Festival: What to Try and What to Avoid

Chris and I have had our fair share of tasty treats from the Food and Wine Festival this year. Below you can find our thoughts on most popular and recommended items. We grouped them based on our average score between the both of us.
Updated with Trip 4 Reviews: October 15, 2018

Must Try/Highly Recommend (8.5-10)

Worth the Try/Pretty Good (7-8.4)

Probably Wouldn’t Get Again/Alright (5-6)

Probably Pass/Wasn’t Our Favorite (3-4)

Avoid/Complete Miss (0-2)

N/A at this time.

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Trip 4 – October 13
Trip 5 – November 4


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4 thoughts on “Food and Wine Festival: What to Try and What to Avoid

  1. This is like the 15th place I’ve seen something great said about the Mezzi Rigatoni and I’m so bummed I won’t be making it down to try it in time!!!


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