Food and Wine 2019: The New, The Replaced, and The Retired.

It's that time of year again, it's EPCOT's International Food and Wine Festival 2019! Disney has just announced the full booth lineup, complete with menus and food photos for the 2019 Epcot International Food & Wine Festival. Get ready to eat and drink your way around the world! The festival runs from August 29th to November 23rd.

EPCOT’s International Food and Wine 2018 Reviews (Trip 5)

Trip 5 - November 4 Well life has been crazy lately, and honestly that is a little of an understatement. This weekend was the Wine and Dine Half Marathon weekend, and I signed up to run a 10K. Life had other plans for me besides training for this race. How many miles have I ran … Continue reading EPCOT’s International Food and Wine 2018 Reviews (Trip 5)

EPCOT’s International Food and Wine 2018 Reviews (Trip 4)

Trip 4 - October 13 Chris's sister Rachel and their friends requested to do a Disney weekend trip to Food and Wine and we had to say yes. No need to convince me because any excuse to go to Disney is a good excuse, ammirite? I was so excited to finally share a trip around … Continue reading EPCOT’s International Food and Wine 2018 Reviews (Trip 4)

Food and Wine Festival: What to Try and What to Avoid

Chris and I have had our far share of tasty treats from the Food and Wine Festival this year. Below you can find our thoughts on most popular and recommended items. We grouped them based on our average score between the both of us.

EPCOT’s International Food and Wine 2018 Reviews (Trip 2)

Did we really come back 5 days later? Yes, yes we did. Chris and I typically end up in Orlando with friends, to visit friends or other reasons in similar situations. And most of  the time we typically stay with said friends. We wanted one weekend just to ourselves to really enjoy each others company and do some of the things we haven’t done at Disney. Honestly I just wanted to relax and treat that weekend like a vacation.

EPCOT’s International Food and Wine 2018 Reviews (Trip 3)

We arrived to Food and Wine a little earlier than I expected this time around, and we actually only stayed for an hour. Let me tell you; it might be September but it felt like middle of summer. Chris and I were dying from the heat. Chris said if we stayed maybe 10 minutes longer he would have died or passed out. Folks when we go to the parks I have us prepared. We bring portable fans, a huge water bottle, rain jackets, umbrellas, camera, extra film, etc. etc.

EPCOT’s International Food and Wine 2018 Reviews (Trip 1)

This year the Festival features 42 separate locations and nearly 300 specialty items. That’s going to put a dent in anyone’s pocket. In fact, sampling every festival item would cost you $1660.64*, and that’s not even counting multiple flavors of ice cream! [...] If you want to focus on the new food items, those 32 snacks will cost you $199.28. [...] If you’d like to sample one item from every booth or location offering a special festival offering, that is going to run you $193.48 for those 40 items. [...] The average item costs $6.73, up from $6.19 last year. That does include some outliers, like the $32 glass of Dom Pérignon, but so does last year’s number. Overall, prices haven’t increased much this year, up an average of an 8.7% compared to last year’s prices, although you can compare that to the 1.9% increase that a one day value season ticket would cost you to attend the festival. Most of the returning items went up $0.25 and some not at all.